Dead Stars C-D of Pop & Rock

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link to David Cassidy obituary   J.J.Cale   Randy California link to Glenn Campbell  Jim Capaldi  Karen Carpenter  Wayne Carson  Johny Cash  Chas Chandler   Harry Chapin  Ray Charles  Alex Chilton   link to Patsy Cline obituary  link to Michael Clarke obituary  Gene Clark  link to Eddie Clarke obituary  Clarence Clemmons  Kurt Cobain  Eddie Cochran  Leonard Cohen  Joe Cocker    link to Nat King Cole obituary   link to Natalie Cole obituary  link to Allen Collins obituary  Brian Connolly    link to Perry Como obituary  Chris Cornell  link to Sam Cooke obituary  Glen Cornick  Joey Covington  Adge Cutler  Bobby Darin  Miles Davis  Desmond Decker  Dave Dee   link to Brad Delp obituary  Sandy Denny  John Denver  Bo Diddley  Link to Ronnie Dio obituary    link to Joe Dolan obituary  Denny Doherty  lnk to Fats Domino obituary  Lonnie Donegan  Lee Dorman  link to Val Doonican obituary  Nick Drake  Spencer Dryden  Ian Dury

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